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For the new SpaceX LR11000 see: LR11000-X

The LR11000 crawler crane is a Liebherr crane that is currently positioned at the production site, after it has been moved from the previous location at the launch site. After the LR11350, it is the second biggest crane used by SpaceX. The crane has helped, amongst other things, assembling the OLS tank farm by lifting both GSE tanks and shells. Not to be confused with the new SpaceX owned LR11000 crane.


  • 14 May 2021: New crane LR11000 parts delivered to launch site [vid15]
  • 16 May 2021: LR11000 (max 1000tons, 220m) assmebly began/continued; Bluto/Tankzilla assisting hereby; more parts delivered (trucks waiting in lane at entrance of launch site)
  • 17 May 2021: Assembly continued by the help of Tankzilla/Bluto, counterweights and boom parts delivered
  • 18 May 2021: LR11000 "King" [sic!] assembly continued, raised
  • 19 May 2021: LR11000 fully assembled
  • 24 May 2021: Rolled toward Pad B, SN15
  • 25 May 2021: SN15 attached to LR11000
  • 04 June 2021: Moved to pad north of OLS tank farm; possibly awaiting new GSE/shells to arrive
  • 09 June 2021: Load spreader attached to LR11000, water tank attached to it later
  • 11 June 2021: Water tank lifted at 9am, lowered at OLS tank farm, just behind GSE2; detached from LR11000
  • 12 June 2021: Cryo tank shell moved to LR11000, attached to crane and lifted; positioned west of GSE2
  • 17 June 2021: OEAAA information (June 14th): LR11000 "to support SpaceX orbital launch site construction and launch operations [...] most frequently be at height of 350ft."; 18 month permit until 12/29/2022
  • 30 June 2021: Began moving towards Pad A, possibly for BN3/B3 lifting
  • 01 July 2021: BN3/B3 roll out (36-rings tall, engines won't be covered as with Starship, lowest ring is the aft dome; hot gas thrusters haven't been uninstalled, pipes sticking out of lower section side and huge COPV on other side); huge manlift went up to attach the load spreader of LR11000 to the booster; detached form transport stand, lifted onto Pad A by LR11000 [no engine section???]
  • 02 July 2021: BN3/B3 secured on Pad A, still attached to LR11000; work at the base/stand; later, man lifts went up, work on booster through access holes
  • 03 July 2021: BN3/B3 work continued, still attached to LR11000
  • 05 July 2021: Loadspreader and LR11000 detached from BN3/ B3 at 8:42 am
  • 05 July 2021: Moved towards OLS tank farm
  • 06 July 2021: LR11000 at OLS tank farm; moved new grey tank
  • 13 July 2021: Cryo tank shell #2 lifted by LR11000 onto an empty tank farm stand (most south-western)
  • 14 July 2021: Cryo shell load spreader removed from LR11000 and placed on SPMT, returned to build site
  • 21 July 2021: OLS tank farm: GSE2 attached to LR11000
  • 23 July 2021: GSE2 reinforcement work continued, still attached to LR11000
  • 26 July 2021: GSE1, GSE2: Installation of stringers for strengthening of the tanks continued; GSE2 still attached to LR11000
  • 28 July 2021: GSE2 detached from LR11000
  • 28 July 2021: GSE5 lifted into place at OLS tank farm by LR11000 right to the east of GSE1
  • 29 July 2021: GSE5 has been detached from LR11000
  • 30 July 2021; Crane moved towards OLS, IT/landing pad after shortly leaving the OLS onto hwy 4
  • 30 July 2021: LR11350 and LR11000 moved into position for OL platform lift [vid 31]
  • 31 July 2021: OL platform / table lifted by LR11350 and LR11000 onto OLM legs!!, touchdown at 1:46 pm
  • 02 Aug 2021: LR11000 and LR11350 detached from OLM platform
  • 02 Aug 2021: Moved back to OLS tank farm
  • 06 Aug 2021: GSE3[?] detached from load spreader after being lifted into place by LR11000
  • 09 Aug 2021: Cryo tank shell #4 LOX rolled out to launch site; SpaceX label: "Outer Shell#4 LOX"; slated for most southeastern GSE tank [GSE3, see August 06]; load spreader and LR11000 attached to the shell
  • 11 Aug 2021: OLS tank farm: Cryo shell #4 lifted with LR11000, placed over GSE3 at 1:50pm (southeastern location)
  • 11 Aug 2021: GSE6 hooked to LR11000
  • 13 Aug 2021: GSE6 lifted by LR11000 and placed west to GSE3/Shell#4
  • 13 Aug 2021: Moved towards pad A
  • 16 Aug 2021: B3 LOX tank attached to LR11000 for further scrapping
  • 17 Aug 2021: Moved from SoLS pad A to pad B
  • 17 Aug 2021: SN20/S20 moved towards pad B; lifted onto the pad by LR11000 (6:13pm)
  • 18 Aug 2021: SN20/S20 still hooked to LR11000
  • 19 Aug 2021: SN20/S20 still attached to LR11000, still a lot of green and red labels on TPS tiles
  • 19 Aug 2021: SN20/S20 disconnected from LR11000 at 3.08 pm
  • 20 Aug 2021: Moved to OLS tank farm
  • 21 Aug 2021: LR11000 and load spreader attached to cryo tank shell #3 at most southwestern position; to be lifted over GSE6
  • 22 Aug 2021: Cryo tank shell #3 remained attached to LR11000
  • 26 Aug 2021: Cryo tank shell #3 disconnected from LR11000
  • 27 Aug 2021: LTM 1350-6.1 raised its jib; now higher than LR11000 [?]
  • 31 Aug 2021: GSE7 rolled out to OLS, arrived at OLS tank farm at 10:27 am; load spreader attached (by LR11000) at 12:59 pm; GSE7 lifted at 3:57 pm, touched down at 5 pm next to GSE2
  • 01 Sept 2021: GSE7 has been placed next to GSE2 by LR11000; later crane was detached at 10:30 am
  • 03 Spet 2021: Cryo tank shell #6 rolled out to OLS tank farm (to be put over GSE7) and arrived at 9:38 am, now three remaining shells at PPS; load spreader and LR11000 attached to shell #6 at around 10:30 am
  • 08 Sept 2021: OLS tank farm: GSE7 work through work platform lifted by LR11000
  • 09 Sept 2021: OLS tank farm: work on GSE1, GSE2 and GSE7, where LR11000 lifted a work platform
  • 13 Sept 2021: LR11350 has been lowered, possibly to anticipated high winds [but not LR11000]
  • 20 Sept 2021: Load spreader from LR11000 attached to cryo tank shell #5 at 10:40am (will be lifted over GSE1)
  • 24 Sept 2021: Cryo tank shell #5 lifted at 10.35am and put over GSE1 by LR11000; touched ground at 11.15am
  • 26 Sept 2021: Detached from Shell #5 at OLS tank farm; attached to Shell #3
  • 27 Sept 2021: LR11000 still attached to shell #3 at OLS tank farm
  • 02 Oct 2021: OLS tank farm: Shell #3 lifted by LR11000 and placed over GSE6; the most southwestern stand now empty for GSE8; work on GSE2 strengtheners continued
  • 03 Oct 2021: Disconnected from Shell #3
  • 04 Oct 2021: OLS tank farm: work via crane basket lifted by LR11000
  • 07 Oct 2021: GSE8 tank rolled out to OLS tank farm, attached to LR11000 crane, lifted and placed onto final empty stand at the most south-western slot; only two shells now remaining to be rolled out
  • 07 Oct 2021: Loadspreader attached to LR11000
  • 09 Oct 2021: Crane began to move away from OLS tank farm, towards landing pad, likely to help with chopstick installation
  • 11 Oct 2021: Catch/stack arm "chopstick" #2 attached to LR11000, lifted and rotated, moved into position next to the first arm on the red structure for installation on carriage system ahead of lifting on tower
  • 15 Oct 2021: Detached from second catch arm
  • 17 Oct 2021: Lifted crew in a basket
  • 17 Oct 2021: Moved back to OLS tank farm after having lifted one catch arm to the carriage
  • 18 Oct 2021: Cryo tank shell #8 CH4 [according to label] moved from PPS to OLS tank farm (9:37-10:41), bumpers installed on the bottom inside of the shell, attached to LR11000, lifted and put over GSE8 on the most south western position
  • 19 Oct 2021: Shell #7 attached to LR11000 and lifted over GSE2 at OLS tank farm; the 8 tanks now complete
  • 21 Oct 2021: Moved from OLS tank farm to landing pad
  • 01 Nov 2021: LR11000 cleaned
  • 06 Nov 2021: Boom lowered, disassembly began, counterweights removed
  • 07 Nov 2021: Disassembly continued; parts moved to production site


The specs according to Liebherr[1]:

Max. load capacity 1,000 t
Max. hoist height 220 m
Max. radius 184 m


According to Liebherr, the following crane figurations are possible:

LR11000 standard boom system

LR11000 extended boom system

LR11000 powerboom system